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A Commercial For Strong Winter Tires Surprises Viewers With A Very Different Chilling Approach In Japan! (a must read!!)

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With Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vines, etc. it takes just a matter of seconds to get your videos or pictures posted on to social media.  The challenge now is to have your video viewed and talked about more than any other video on the web and Japan knows just how to do it!

In our world today, it is believed that if videos are not super disgusting or super frightening, they will get overlooked and will not catch the eye of the public.  Japan decided to use the fearful tactic for their new 2013 winter tire commercial.

Check out the video.  Before doing so, be warned.  It scared a whole class of 51 students in a public relations program at a college, when they watched it all together… in the daylight.

How did it do? Successful??

This chilling tire commercial by Japanese maker AutowayTire went viral with over 1.3 million views in the first 24 hours.  It has been titled the SCARIEST ADVERTISEMENT of 2013.  It used both the fear and shock tactics for it’s audience.

What’s the point of this commercial?

We think to let viewers know how important it is to have tires with great traction when driving in winter conditions.  This commercial not only grabbed the attention of everyone across the world, but it also made an excellent video to want to share and talk about with your friends, family, etc.


If you have not seen the video and were too scared to watch it with the link provided in this blog, this 40 second video comes with a serious health warning before watching.  The commercial involves a car driving in a blizzard at night time and you view the commercial feeling like you are the one sitting in the vehicle.  Before you know it, a scary ghost girl appears very far away.  Then, out of no where, she appears in front of the windshield and hits it—- insert heart attack for viewers!!


AutowayTire wanted to emphasize how important it is to have strong tires on your vehicle in the winter time.  It also needed to prove why it’s tires are better than everyone else’s on the market right now.  Before the video was put on to social media, it aired with a major warning to the public before watching it.

It may not be a favourite video to watch, especially with the holidays coming up, however, it was definitely a great success and captured the eyes of people all over the world.  AutowayTire in Japan tried something extremely risky but ended up getting way more attention than they could have hoped for.

Don’t have winter tires on yet? Who are you buying from for this winter season?

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Our Future Must Go Green! Why Coca-Cola Israel was so successful with their ‘Recycling King’ campaign

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Our planet needs our help.  Our world is continuously changing and our population of people keeps growing.  Technology keeps expanding, pollution keeps developing, so we must continue to spread the word and save our planet.  We all know what we have to do and we must start now.  

Coca-Cola is all about doing smart marketing as it is the best consumer marketing company in history.  Coca-Cola Israel decided to do a campaign to promote recycling in Israel using Facebook Places in 2011.  10,000 recycle bins were placed all over Israel and each of them were given their own Facebook Place location.

By adding the large number of recycling centers to Facebook, Coca-Cola was able to raise awareness of recycling and successfully integrate a location-based service into their cause marketing. Brands outside of the cause marketing space can also look to this campaign as an example of how to reward users for performing branded social actions whether it be sharing a link, checking in to a location, or interacting with a brand in a social game.  Coca-cola Israel’s Recycling King challenge became a huge success and created endless amounts of buzz, not only in Israel, but for Coca-Cola in general, around the rest of the world.

Creating the buzz.

Coca-Cola is always one step ahead of everyone when it comes to social media and campaigning.  The real beauty of this campaign is that it allowed everyone to get involved on a personal level.  It created a social buzz between friends and recycling became the new trend in Israel.  This campaign became that much more successful when it went viral on the Internet.  All countries around the world know what we have to do to help save our planet by going more green.

Importance Of Going Green At Home

Even the simplest of acts can reduce the trash you generate and thus the amount of waste you are contributing to landfills. For example, if you reduced the default margins on your word processing program, you can save a significant amount of paper. A report by Penn State University found that if the university made a similar move in their Center for Academic Computing labs, they would save $120,000 per year in paper costs.

Another successful campaign… A Billion Acts of Green- Together we’ve reached  1,019,890,210 ACTS OF GREEN.  Many amazing videos and ideas to watch on the link below.  We can help them reach 2 billion.

Go green. Recycle. Reuse. Repeat.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

“From plastic bag-free towns to refashioned clothes and bus fleets run on chip fat, here’s a guide to what you can do to tackle waste in your community”

The Ecologist gives many ideas to make recycling more fun and easy.

Coca-Cola continues to raise awareness, campaign, and fund, so many important things around the world.  We know what we have to do, the time is now to start making a difference with the way we live.  Our planet needs our help, and so does everything else that lives and breathes the same air we do but cannot make a difference without us.

Be passionate about your planet.  Be passionate about your future.  Be passionate about green.

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